Customer service


DEUTZ SPAIN offers a service with additional value to both customers and original equipment manufacturers (Original Equipment Manufacturer, OEM)

From the first contact, the OEM or customer will receive fast and personalized attention by our qualified staff, who will study the customer’s needs in order to offer the best product to satisfy them

From that moment, our technical support and applied engineering staff are made available to the OEM, for both problem-solving and seeking ways to improve quality and reduce costs.

The after-sales department of DEUTZ SPAIN, together with its specialized service and distribution network, is able to serve customers quickly and efficiently anywhere in Spain and Portugal. In collaboration with DEUTZ AG, the delivery of components and spare parts required for the modification, maintenance and repair of engines is carried out within 24 hours, with 95% of the requested parts available. In addition, DEUTZ SPAIN offers training on the entire product range in order to cover every aspect of engine operation.

The "Service Center Madrid" recently opened, offers the sale of engines and spare parts to the end customer, as well as offers service workshop with the most advanced facilities for repair and with highly qualified personnel.