DEUTZ Electronic Display

The Multifunctional Control Platform for Eletronic Systems

Modern off-road engines with exhaust gas after treatment systems (EAT) are controlled and governed by an engine control unit (ECU). At the same time the legislator regulates that each device must allow the user an access to the relevant information about the operating condition of the EAT, a so-called „Human Machine Interface“ (HMI).

At this point the DEUTZ Electronic Display (DED) offers a comfortable and cost effective solution especially for safe operation in rough industrial applications.

„Plug & Play“ – Simple Installation

As for the equipment manufacturer (OEM) the DED automatically adjusts itself to the engine individual EAT system, because the required parameters are already included in the DED. Thus the setup of the DED is quick and simple for the OEM.

Always up to date

For the operator the necessary indications such as status or error messages are pictured in a well-arranged formation on a scratch-resistant screen. In this way the operator can adjust the device to the appropriate status and for example delay a DPF regeneration as occasions may demand.

For an optimum adjustment to the needs of the operators the display layout can be customised individually. Thus allowing language selection and display in metric or inch values.

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