DEUTZ integrated system solutions

Customer and machine-specific optimisation solutions for increased machine performance, decreased operating costs and optimised installation of motor and EAT in customer machines

Various complementary product solutions and services within the scope of „DEUTZ integrated system solutions“ are used for optimal integration of the diesel engine and exhaust after-treatment system (EAT) into the drive train of customer machines. In this connection, more flexible installation solutions and optimised hardware and software interfaces make for simpler machine installation; perfectly synchronised subsystems result in improved performance with lower operating costs.

Growing demands by OEMs and end customers in terms of performance and fuel consumption as well as strict emission requirements today determine the performance features and physical characteristics of diesel engine more than ever before. Strict emission levels require additional components to be used for exhaust after-treatment. Unfortunately the installation space available in the machine can however not be expanded indefinitely, which can lead to immense challenges and changes on the part of the machine manufacturer.

DEUTZ offers individual solutions in this regard, for optimum usage of the installation space and reduced installation costs. As early as in the planning phase for new machines, we provide an option for configuring the engine and the EAT system, together with our customers, so as to ensure minimal design adaptations and cost-effective machine installation, while fulfilling the most varied requirements and usage profiles for optimum use in construction machines. We achieve this by way of the large range of installation options available in our modular „technology system“ DVERT®.

Where sustainable exploitation of performance and usage potential of highly efficient, completely electronically controlled engine and exhaust after-treatment systems is to be ensured in construction machines, optimum adjustment of the entire drive train is required. In this connection, the complexity of the entire system grows significantly for every additional integrated subsystem.

This is where DEUTZ provides support in the form of customer-specific engineering support and application services, so as to implement optimum system integration of the hardware components and software functions required for the relevant machine, including diagnosis tool. In addition, DEUTZ offers add-on components that have been aligned with our engines, right up to complete PowerPacks. In this, DEUTZ also relies on close collaboration with the OEM, suppliers and collaboration partners, for instance in the area of hydraulics, as shown in the example of start-stop hybridisation.

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