Hybrid Technology





  • Downsizing to a diesel engine with lower rated power
  • compared to the conventional drive
  • Reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by operating the engine in map areas of optimal fuel consumption
  • Downgrading to a lower emission class – to avoid an exhaust after treatment system if applicable (SCR)
  • Automatic Start/Stop – avoiding idle operations without load; engine starts automatically upon load request
  • Power boost – higher system dynamics during acceleration phases and peak loads
  • Electrical on-board power network – inverter generates 110/230 VAC to power auxiliary drives and external units




  • Automatic Start/Stop for further reduction of fuel consumption and emissions with high comfort for the operator
  • Power Boost of the e-machine supports the diesel engine during acceleration phases and peak loads
  • Load point increase at power reserve of the diesel engine by the e-machine being operated in generator mode
  • Recuperation of kinetic energy during breaking phases