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JLG enters into partnership with DEUTZ for Xchange engines

  • New employees and equipment for the DEUTZ plant in Pendergrass (USA)
  • Xchange products to the same quality standards as new engines

JLG Industries, Inc., the world's leading designer and manufacturer of access equipment, has chosen the DEUTZ Corporation in Georgia (USA) as its future partner for exchange engines. The DEUTZ subsidiary will supply JLG with reconditioned Xchange engines, which come with a full guarantee, for use in reconditioned aerial work platforms.

At its plant in Bedford, Pennsylvania, JLG runs a programme for reconditioning aerial work platforms. The platforms are completely overhauled, including their engines. In future, the DEUTZ plant in Pendergrass, Georgia (USA) will carry out the engine reconditioning. Extra employees have been hired and more equipment added in order to ensure that the programme gets off to a good start.

Christopher Mellott, Vice President of Aftermarket Sales for North America at JLG Industries, said: “JLG has very strict OEM guidelines that we follow for all of our reconditioned products. Our scope of work is very detailed, making our reconditioning programme similar to our new manufacturing programme. In the end, customers receive a machine that has the same reliability as a new one.”

DEUTZ Xchange engines undergo a thorough refurbishment, making them an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to purchasing a new engine. The engines and parts do not compromise on functionality or safety. In terms of quality, they have to meet the same standards as apply to the manufacturing of new engines. That is why DEUTZ offers an identical guarantee for its Xchange products.

“We were looking for a global partner that could support our growth and provide quality products and support,” said Mellott. “Selecting DEUTZ offered us the ability to partner with the leading engine OEM to deliver the consistency and reliability we know our customers have come to expect.”

Michael Wellenzohn, member of the Board of Management of DEUTZ AG with responsibility for sales, service and marketing, added: "We are proud of our manufacturing expertise in Pendergrass and we intend to build on this in the course of our new partnership. Our DEUTZ Xchange engines are the type of high-quality product that our customers want to buy."

In addition to the plant in Pendergrass, Georgia (USA), DEUTZ has Xchange production facilities in Germany, from where it delivers to equipment manufacturers and dealers all over the world. Furthermore, the 800-plus DEUTZ service outlets and dealers in more than 130 countries ensure a reliable supply of Xchange products for economically viable repairs, including reconditioned exchange engines. DEUTZ offers Xchange engines to replace engines of any age or series, whether liquid or air-cooled, for any customer supply specification, and with any add-on components and exhaust aftertreatment systems from the past 40 years.

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