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DEUTZ establishes new central genset production site in Morocco

  • Manufacturing equipment revamped from the ground up
  • Target capacity increased considerably from 1,000 to 3,000 units a year 
  • Hybrid gensets for power generation reduce carbon emissions 

DEUTZ’s Moroccan subsidiary, Magideutz, is relocating its genset manufacturing and has established a new production site in Sapino. This is now the central production site for high-performance power generation equipment for the northern African market. The manufacturing processes at the plant have been totally realigned and set new standards in terms of quality, productivity, and health and safety.

The previous manufacturing site offered only limited scope for growth and modernization due to its central location in Casablanca. The new site in Sapino is located in an industrial park close to Casablanca airport. It covers an area of 3,420 square meters and features state-of-the-art equipment for the manufacture of high-quality DEUTZ gensets. These are in high demand in the region as a source of off-grid energy.

DEUTZ offers both diesel and highly efficient hybrid variants, either battery-driven or powered by a solar module. The concept is that if the engine generates more electricity than needed, any excess energy is stored in the battery. If required, this energy can then either boost the engine or even act as the sole power supply source, resulting in fuel savings of up to 65 per cent. If the diesel engine fails, the battery is also able to keep the genset operational for up to 24 hours. The solar hybrid variant has a solar collector which, in particularly sunny parts of the world, is capable of providing most of the power needed by itself. The diesel engine starts up occasionally, providing additional support at power consumption peaks or on days when the sun does not shine. This allows extremely efficient operation as regards fuel consumption and maintenance plus a long service life. Besides offering cost savings, hybrid solutions also represent a more environmentally sustainable source of energy with a lower carbon footprint. 

Bernd Breves, General Manager of Magideutz, explains: “Our new manufacturing facility will increase our production capacity considerably. We will now have a target capacity of 3,000 units a year compared to 1.000 units currently. This will allow us to supply our local customers with our tried and tested products even more quickly. What’s more, our local employees now have access to fully upgraded manufacturing equipment.”

The new production site increases target capacity from 1,000 to 3,000 units a year.

DEUTZ Power Solutions (DPS) genset.

The new Magideutz site in Sapino is located in an industrial park close to Casablanca airport.