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DEUTZ builds its nine millionth engine

  • Nine million engines manufactured since 1867
  • DEUTZ enjoys global success with low-emission engine systems

In the middle of 2015, Cologne-based engine manufacturer DEUTZ produced the nine millionth engine in its 150-year-plus history, thereby demonstrating that the internal combustion engine remains the basis for mobile drive technology. Thanks to continuous improvements in efficiency and cutting-edge exhaust aftertreatment systems, DEUTZ engines are in demand all over the world. And with their innovative solutions, they will continue to significantly influence the progress of industrial motorisation in future.

The history of DEUTZ AG (founded in Cologne in 1864) began in 1867 when the Company’s founders Nicolaus August Otto and Eugen Langen developed the atmospheric gas-powered engine – known as Engine No. 1. This was followed in 1876 by the world’s first four-stroke engine, whose German name, Ottomotor, still honours its inventor today.

“We are proud that, having built more than nine million engines, we are making a major contribution to the motorisation of the world and thereby successfully maintaining the tradition of the DEUTZ brand,” says Dr Helmut Leube, chairman of the Board of Management of DEUTZ AG. “We intend to continue developing innovative engine systems of the highest quality in future so that we can remain a leading player in the market.”

Besides the ever-lower fuel consumption and the extremely compact dimensions of its engines, DEUTZ has also considerably reduced the level of pollutants emitted. DEUTZ engines equipped with diesel particulate filters (DPFs) that meet the most recent emissions standard reduce particulate mass emissions by more than 99 per cent. All DEUTZ TCD engines equipped with a DPF in the 2.9 to 7.8 litre cubic capacity range thus already meet the next emissions standard for mobile machinery and equipment in Europe (EU Stage V), which is expected to apply from 2019. This means that DEUTZ engines have a minimal impact on the environment and help to limit particulate matter pollution.

DEUTZ is known for its robust and long-lasting engines around the globe. This is perfectly illustrated by the very first of those nine million DEUTZ engines: the atmospheric gas-powered engine from 1867, which continues to exist today in DEUTZ’s Technikum engine museum at its headquarters in Cologne-Porz and is still in full working order.

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