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DEUTZ celebrates 100 years of its apprenticeship scheme

  • Every year, around 30 young people begin an apprenticeship at DEUTZ
  • New digital technologies play an integral role
  • Continued commitment to training apprentices from other companies
  • Training centre renamed the Factory for Talents

DEUTZ first started looking to the future 100 years ago, when it launched its first apprenticeship scheme. Today, around 30 young people a year begin their working lives at DEUTZ’s state-of-the-art training centre in Cologne-Porz. And they are clearly making a success of themselves: the grades achieved by DEUTZ apprentices are regularly higher than the average recorded by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Cologne (IHK).

In 2018, the IHK Cologne awarded the DEUTZ apprenticeship scheme its ‘Best performer’ seal of approval for the eighth year in succession. In 2017, one DEUTZ apprentice was even named the best performer at national level in his field of metal technology.

Member of the DEUTZ Board of Management Dr Andreas Strecker knows how important it is to have well-trained recruits: “Apprentices are key to the future of our Company as they are the skilled workers of tomorrow.”

Digitalisation is one of the focal points of the DEUTZ apprenticeship. For this reason, the Company has made digital technologies such as 3D printing and e-learning an integral part of its training. Digital tools are now a standard feature in the workshops, and in 2018 DEUTZ launched an IT apprenticeship centred around application development and systems integration.

Other companies rely on this wealth of expertise too: DEUTZ currently trains apprentices on behalf of more than ten other enterprises.

DEUTZ also believes that the journey can begin before you have even left school. “We don’t just wait for young people to come to us,” says Frank Opitz, Head of Training at DEUTZ AG. “We visit schools, host a day aimed specifically at girls and have been working with the IN VIA charity for 27 years now. Talent can be found everywhere, after all. And DEUTZ offers the individuals who have this talent a wide range of opportunities.”

To mark the anniversary, the DEUTZ training centre has been renamed the Factory for Talents.

DEUTZ celebrates 100 years of its apprenticeship scheme.